Millions of people in America have money due to them from the big-banks. Possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars that you can claim instantly with no strings attached, and you never have to pay it back… all you have to do is tell “them” your social security number…



The following report contains disturbing information that some may find unsettling.


            Hello, my name is Jim Samson, publisher of The Midas Legacy, an investment intelligence service. For fourteen years I’ve been exposing government and Wall Street corruption, and their efforts to trap unsuspecting folk into financial servitude for their own gain… and I’ve also been identifying clever ways my readers can profit massively as a result…      


            And that’s how I came across this strange but true fact that could be the easiest money you ever received…


            And I’m not talking about pocket-change, I’m talking about what could be a fat, life-changing check. Money you could buy a house with or retire on!


3 Ways Your Social Security Numbers could be Your Ticket to a Fortune


            There’s THREE claims you could have, each one of them possibly worth thousands… you might even have all three of them. And your social security number is what verifies your claim on them.


Over 55 Million Americans have just ONE of these claims alone!


            Soon you could be joining many others who discovered this incredible money-loophole that the government, the banking industry, and big corporations would rather you didn’t know about…


            Across the country, the people who know about this have cashed checks that have changed their lives forever. Retirement in a flash, all from money that they never knew was theirs.


            And I must emphasize, this money has NOTHING to do with tax-refunds, stocks, property, government benefit, government grants, lawsuits, lottery, or home businesses. It’s money you could receive, free and clear, and you never have to pay it back.


            And in case you’re thinking that only a tiny percentage of people qualify, please understand that:


37,000 people have found nearly $252 MILLION!


            The amount of money on the table here is simply staggering…


A Share of $16.3 BILLION could belong to YOU, Not Them…


But why aren’t you being told about this? Why are you kept in the dark about this money… what could be YOUR money…


            $16.3 BILLION is waiting to be taken. This money is just sitting in a bank account earning ‘them’ interest. Fat corporations, overspent governments, and corrupt banks are holding it.


Do you think they want you to know about this claim you might have? Will they remind you to take what’s yours…?


            I think not. They’re not breaking any laws, but they aren’t exactly nudging you to cash in, are they? I wonder why…


            When it comes to money, the establishment wants you to stay ignorant, in the dark. They have a lot to lose if you wised up…


Has Slavery Truly Been Abolished?


            I’m about to say something controversial now: From a certain point of view, slavery has not been abolished in America. The dark days of chains and whips may be in our past, but has that much changed…? The game is the same, only the rules and the players have changed…


            In many ways it’s worse now because MOST people are slaves, not the minority. And these slaves don’t even realize that they’re slaves…


            The slave-masters are still there, only it’s a different kind of slavery now: wage-slavery. They need you to stay trapped at the grind so that you give them what they want.


So you pay tax for politicians to squander…


So you give banks money to invest so they can charge fat fees and leverage for their own end…


And with what’s left over, so you buy corporations’ products that you don’t need…


            Can you see? The entire system is one big set-up designed to keep you a slave until you’re so old that you’re not worth anything to them anymore. Heck, they won’t even take your insurance money when you’re old because you won’t be ‘viable’ anymore.


            Had enough yet? Ready to fight back and break out of The Silent Slavery Program…?


            Good. This nightmare is only made possible by them keeping you in the dark… so may I bring you into the light?


            As you know, it was illegal for slaves to learn how to read and write. Why? Because, from the slave-master’s point of view, an educated slave is a dangerous slave.


            The same goes for you now. They don’t want you to be educated about money, so you can break  the chains of wage-slavery, they need you to stay in the dark.


            And my mission is to set you free, starting right now. Knowledge is power, and providing my readers with such knowledge is how I spend every waking minute of my day…


            There’s 3 parts of the Establishment that benefit from your slavery: the banking establishment, the government, and the big corporations...


And there’s one claim from each of them that they hope you don’t make… because each one could be worth THOUSANDS that they have to hand over to YOU…


            So let’s start with the claim you might have from the banking establishment…


Claim 1: Money from the big banks


            The first claim you might have is something the banks would rather stay lost forever. There could be a huge lump sum with your name on it because of this.


Each year the amount unclaimed is AT LEAST $1 BILLION!


            I’m not talking about wild odds here, MOST people have this claim, but don’t know the money it could give them. MILLIONS of people don’t even know they have it. Or it could be that you’ve changed addresses, and so this money never reached you…


            And the FREE report I’ll send you will tell you how to track this money down and cash in anything you’re owed. What do you have to lose?


            That’s just the first of THREE possible claims your social security card might lead you to…


Claim 2: Your money, not the government’s


Next up, a claim on government money, and I don’t mean a tax-refund or anything miniscule, the amount could be massive, and you could have a claim on it. Over 55 million Americans do, so there’s a good chance you’re one of them…


BILLIONS of dollars are just sitting there, and the government is enjoying the benefit when it could be YOU enjoying it. Each year the amount unclaimed is over $16.3 BILLION!


            This really is the equivalent of MONEY in your hands. And its value could have been multiplying for all the time you didn’t know about it! See, by law, the government must pay out money for all the time you’ve been owed this.


            All you have to do is contact the right people to find out, and I will tell you how in the FREE report I’ll rush you TODAY.


            And then there’s this claim from big corporations that you may have somewhere…


Claim 3: Money from corporate fat-cats


            This next claim you may have is surprisingly common, but understandable, thanks to The Establishment conveniently forgetting about this…


The amount unclaimed from this is nearly $197 MILLION!


            It’s possible that this money may be owed you because of all the mergers and acquisitions that go on in Wall Street.


            This money could have been due to you from way back, again, perhaps you changing addresses since then means the money can’t get to you. But this could be worth a small fortune!


The average pay out is $5,000 but it’s possible you could be owed as much as $600,000!


            With the special ‘hunter tool’ I’ll give you for free, you could find that you had the equivalent of a winning lottery ticket for years and never claimed it!


            So here’s what you need to do…


Does Your Social Security Card Have ‘Winning Numbers’ on it?


I do NOT want to know your social security number, and you should keep that number private, but your social security card is all you need to find out if you’re due any money.


That’s how the banks, government, and corporations will identify you and if you’re owed any money… and then they will reluctantly hand it over to you!


            The numbers across your social security card could be like winning lottery numbers!


            So I’d like to send you a FREE report TODAY on exactly how you could check if you have those ‘winning numbers’. Tens of millions of Americans WILL be entitled to a lump sum, just from reading “them” their social security numbers… so there’s no reason why YOU shouldn’t one of them…!


Reading this report could be a turning point in your life. Many peoples’ lives change when a mentor helps them, and I’d like the opportunity to be YOUR money-mentor…


Midas Premiums can help


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And there’s more profitable free reports where this one came from!


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10 Steps from the Beach


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           If you started with $1000 and kept doubling your money, you’d only be ten steps from a million dollars. See for yourself:


So Midas Premium’s aim is to find the situations most likely to double your money, on average, over time. That as well as find ways to instantly put money in your pocket, like your social security numbers might…!


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Wealth in a World of Lies


            Most of the money that banks take from you goes into the stock market. Insurance, savings, investment plans, you name it. The government made it LAW that you invest in the stock market with the passing of a law in 1974 when the 401k was created.


But over 70% of the investment managers you give your hard-earned money to fail to even beat the market, and yet the bankers themselves are making a fortune. Meanwhile time is running out to secure your financial future in an uncertain and fast-changing world…


Something is very wrong with this picture, but Midas Premium exists purely to paint you a much rosier one.


We understand that you’re not interested in complex charts and complicated jargon, we know that your goal is to retire as quickly as possible for the absolute least amount of effort. We cherry-pick the choicest opportunities for you- we only pick the low-hanging fruit, the no-brainers. We only bring you the cutting edge money news you can profit from, delivered to your mailbox and email inbox.


And you’ll be shocked at how accessible I’ve made this crucial information to you…


$100,000-a-Year Value for $3.92 a Week?


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            That’s $3.92 a week for ahead of the curve, true money intelligence.


            Don’t let the miniscule price deceive you, either. The big banks will pay over $100,00 a year for this type of service!


But I know you’re skeptical. In today’s world, I wouldn’t blame you. That’s why I’m offering a 100% no-risk guarantee:


3-Month No-Risk Guarantee

I’ll send you this FREE report PLUS 5 others (details in a second) just for taking a no-risk peak at Midas Premium. Sample Midas Premium for 3 months- that’s 3 issues- so you can check this out for yourself. If for ANY reason you’re not totally delighted with Midas Premium, simply let us know by email, phone, or mail within 3 months of your first issue arriving, and you will receive a FULL refund, no questions asked. And you may still keep all the free reports that come with it as our ‘thank you’ for trying this. We are a real, physical business, and I invite you to visit our offices any time.


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How your social security card could be like an unclaimed lottery ticket.


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Why your government could seize the cash in your bank account overnight to pay its debts, and the only way to protect yourself against it. This already happened in March 2013 to a western country!


Critical Bonus Report 3:

The Government is printing money. Here’s 3 LEGAL Ways YOU can too.


Critical Bonus Report 4:

White House Document Reveals Obama’s Million Dollar Trading Strategy

and How You could profit by it.


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How in a single phone-call most people could stay at home instead of working and still get paid full salary and benefits, and that’s without going sick or claiming disability. And they could do this immediately…


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The Secret Japanese Plot to Torpedo Your Retirement


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Profit, Prosper, and Never Again Get Blindsided by

Government Corruption and Wall Street Crooks


            Thank you for spending your valuable time with me. I’d greatly appreciate the opportunity to show you how dedicated we are to helping our subscribers profit and protect themselves, to show them the truth.


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But I know you’ll be delighted, secure, and prosperous… and soon be on the way to the beach. As thousands of our subscribers already are. Thanks for your valuable time.



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Jim Samson

Publisher, The Midas Legacy.


            P.S. $16.3 Billion is waiting to be claimed. Across the country, the people who know about this have cashed checks that have changed their lives forever. Retirement in a flash, all from money that they never knew they had. And I must emphasize, this money has NOTHING to do with tax-refunds, stocks, property, government benefit, government grants, lawsuits, lottery, or home businesses. It’s money you could receive, free and clear, and you never have to pay it back!



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