How To Get Everything You Ever Wanted In Life

“The Life-Guide You Should Have Been Handed At Birth”

Can you recall a time in your life when you were on top of the world?

A time when everything was going right- life loved you and you loved life. You were unstoppable. You could achieve anything. You were confident beyond belief.

Take a second to recall.

Now, wouldn’t it be great if you could bring back that feeling on demand?! Like turning the power on?

I’ll explain how you can achieve this…

Do you ever wonder why people seem so uptight these days? Why, when we have never had such a better standard of living in history, do we all feel so unfulfilled?

Look around you closely- beneath the surface. On the roads, at work… just about anywhere, people seem deeply unhappy about something, but they don’t quite know what, why or how to fix it.

You’ve been there and got the T-shirt. You’ve tried all the schemes, gadgets and fads. Are you any better off? Have any of these things brought you the wealth, health and happiness you so rightly crave?

Maybe some of them did make you a little money. But did you lose it all soon after? Even if you didn’t lose it, did the money alone make you feel more fulfilled? Many of the world’s richest and most beautiful people are deeply unhappy! It’s worth taking a moment to consider this fact before you blindly embark on a quest for riches.

Having money is great and it sure makes life easier- I should know. But it doesn’t bring you deep, lasting contentment and peace of mind. And neither will any pill, potion or gadget!

            Don’t worry, I’m not some sort of religious whacko trying to convert you, but I do have a very important message. My name is Jim Samson, a published author accredited with international book sales from Iceland to Singapore. Bear with me for a few minutes and I’ll explain why you seem to be constantly chasing your tail, and what to do about it. First:

Three questions:

1.      Why do you feel like there is something missing in your life?

2.      Why do you feel like you’ve been left behind sometimes- like you’ve messed up a bit?

3.      If what you’ve been doing so far isn’t working isn’t it about time you did something different?

Chutes & Ladders 

            Do you have regrets about the way your life turned out? Wonder what went wrong? Feel like something just isn’t quite right? You’re not alone. But it’s precisely what must be addressed before you even start to think about creating wealth and happiness for yourself or you’ll just end up where you started all the time.

It’s a bit like ‘Chutes & Ladders’ really- one step forward and two steps back- so many people go through life like this and don’t understand why.

            I know this guy, you probably know someone like him too. He’s very nearly been a millionaire four times over but every time he reaches the pinnacle of his achievement he loses the lot! Then he starts again and repeats the whole process. Why should this be?

The very same reason that so many others have tried many roads to wealth, health and happiness only to end up back at square one. Isn’t it time for a different approach?

There’s simply no point in clambering for get-rich-quick schemes and scams and quick-fix health and happiness products once you have the truth- the truth I want to disclose to you in this very letter… 

Do you know what you really want? 

            No, I mean what you really want out of life. I think the main thing that keeps people in their wage-slave existence is that they simply don’t know what else to do- hence why so many people become depressed when they retire! It’s natural to assume that a million dollars will end our troubles, but you know deep down that’s not completely true don’t you?

What happened to that dream? Probably what happened to most peoples’ dreams- they got left behind as you sped off into the ‘rat-race’. We gave up on them. Ever wake up and realize you’re in a race you no longer want to win?

Do you ever wonder, “What’s it all for?” A common question, but the answer is very simple really. Surely, the purpose of life- the meaning of life if you prefer- is the pursuit of happiness. Sound obviously simple? So why are people so unhappy? Why do so many people suffer from anger, fear, jealousy, depression, alcoholism…? I’ll tell you:

Our whole lives we work hard at achieving
happiness without even knowing what happiness is!

Isn’t it ironic how the search for happiness has caused so much unhappiness? We have wants, needs, we try to make a go of it or maybe enough just to get by. We allow time and circumstances to erode our dreams. We then carry regret, which turns into frustration, frustration into anger and anger into sorrow.

When you walk into the bathroom in the
morning do you recognize that stranger in the mirror?

            In this information over-loaded, “press-one-for further-options”, fast world of today there is little time to stop and think. After a hard day of chasing your tail doing “whatever”, ask yourself, “What have I actually achieved today and do I feel better for it?” Where did the real you go?

You’ve lost one of life’s most precious gifts: excitement. Let’s start breathing some life back into ourselves before we really do become old. This is the reason you feel so restless with your life- you sense there’s something particular you’re meant to be doing and this isn’t it.

Something to look forward to

            Have you noticed how we always have to have something to look forward to? Whether it’s a holiday, a new car or sofa, we have to continuously put that light at the end of the tunnel so we can cope with our discontent and often go into huge debt in the process.

What if there was no tunnel in the first place? What if life was so great we didn’t need so many material things to take the pain away? How do you feel when you get back from that holiday, when the car is a few months old or when the sofa’s broken in? Like a junkie who’s just ‘gone cold turkey’? Need another fix…?

Sorry to draw that comparison but is it any different? Are you not just giving yourself a shot in the arm to make yourself feel temporarily better? So often we fool ourselves by thinking, “I will be happy- just as soon as I….”. We constantly live in the hope that ‘just one more thing’ will make us complete. We are mistaken.

How many times have you bought a ticket to happiness only to discover later that the ticket was invalid?

            Do you ever automatically react to the simplest thing in a frustrated, angry and defensive manner? When someone cuts you off in traffic do you feel as though you could actually cause harm to them sometimes? Do you often find yourself overindulging in your vices more than you normally do? Come on, be honest!

After years of having the same predicament you don’t even know why this happens half the time, do you? The solution? Plain old fashioned knowledge and training- it’s about finding the root cause of this discontent and dealing with it because it holds you back in so many aspects of your life and future prosperity. Discontent manifests itself as anger.

            You don’t have to look very far these days to witness the destructive impact anger has on human lives. It can have an equally disastrous effect on your own life and left this way it will destroy your closest relationships and undermine your health, not to mention your wealth.

            Are you losing sleep, feeling drained and unsatisfied? Unhappiness caused by the stress I’ve outlined so far is now recognized by healing professions as a serious medical condition- it can lead to everything from angina to shingles. What’s the point in buying a load of health food and gadgets if deep down something’s missing?

An increasing number of professionals now believe that back pains are often related to feeling burdened by something. Something, but people don’t know what exactly. When you’re ill your body is usually trying to tell you something. So what’s the solution? First let me tell you what isn’t the solution:

Forget psycho-babble and positive thinking!

            There are so many ‘gurus’ out there full of hot air rambling on about ‘Positive thinking’- or in other words “Wear a mask that has a happy face and everything will work out”. Yeah, right. Just because you have a dying passion for something doesn’t automatically mean you will get it.

So many psychologists pontificating about and profiteering from the ‘science’ of stress and depression and developing patronizing exercises for you to do to improve yourself- “Right, when I’ve got a spare 10 hours I’ll make a list of everything that happened in my childhood then!”. Oh please! What you need is far simpler than this, and no, I’m not talking about Prozac!

The best of both worlds

            Pleasure and pain. You can’t have one without the other? Nonsense! We’ve been conditioned to believe this nonsense for generations and it has a lot to answer for.

Deep down a part of you knows that money on its own doesn’t make you happy, so why do we chase it with such determination? Because, another part of you deep down knows that money can bring a certain amount of happiness in that it takes the pressure off and gives you choices. So there is this conflict within us- do we just keep our heads down and learn to be happy with our lot or do we try to break to financial freedom by creating wealth? Which way to turn?

            Both ways! For years now I’ve been helping thousands of people build a better life- a life they love. Today I’m inviting you to become one of them. I’ve written a special ten-part monthly home study e-course called ‘Enjoy Now’ and it’s causing quite a stir.

Enjoy now is all about you. If this letter has touched a few chords with you then you’re going to love this course.

For those of you brushing the value of happiness aside, then consider this: it is widely known now that unhappiness blocks creativity- you’re hardly going to come up with that ‘big business idea’ or indeed succeed anywhere if deep down you’re unhappy are you?! Also, remember the story I told you earlier about the millionaire who kept losing it all? Think on!

            Finding out what you truly want out of life isn’t easy without the right process- a process I’m going to enlighten you to- one that will make your heart beat again!

I’m inviting you on one hell of an adventure!

            The purpose of life is the pursuit of happiness. As you already know, money does indeed bring a certain amount of happiness in that it gives you freedom to leave a meaningless job.

            How many people do you know who drag themselves out of bed each day to go to work to do “whatever” day in, day out thinking to themselves, “Is this as good as life gets?” I recently read an astute article which read: “For all but the elite, work holds less promise, less security and less dignity than it did a generation ago.” I’m sure you agree.

There seems to be talk of redundancy more and more these days; what right do they have to even consider making you redundant? You’ll never be any such thing- you are a truly unique individual- there will never be another one of you ever again. Are you ready to take matters into your own hands and harness your full potential?

            Once upon a time we worked to live; now we live to work. In the last ten years the average working week has increased to fifty hours, lunch breaks are all but finished and fifty percent of us work on Saturday too. Is this the life you want to lead? Wouldn’t you prefer an existence that has meaning with quality of life and community spirit at the forefront? Yes? Then I’ll show you how.

            True, achieving financial success surely must be our goal too- then we have all the time in the world to pursue our true purpose in life. But it’s the thought of risk that holds you back more than anything, and this is plain human nature.

I’ll show you how to reach financial freedom by virtually eliminating risk, but you must learn to enjoy life in the meantime or you simply won’t make it. Moreover, you must find out what really makes you tick to discover your true purpose in life and hence be happy and fulfilled- it would be a shame to reach the end of your quest only to still feel unhappy deep down as so many high-achievers do.

This isn’t your average self-help course

            I hope that much is obvious at this point. But I can hear you asking yourself, “Sure, this all makes sense. But how much is this going to cost me. I know most of these types of things go for $300 or more.”

            True, many self-help and happiness guides will make your wallet a few hundred dollars lighter. But again, this is no regular self-help course.

            Enjoy Now costs just $17 a month, and I’ve chosen that price specifically for a couple of reasons…

            I want to make it affordable for everyone, but I also want you to have a reason to stick with it. This payment can act as a commitment for you, so when you’re feeling lazy one week (as we all do from time to time), you won’t simply quit on yourself and your happiness.

            You deserve to be happy, as we all do. And when you aren’t feeling great, you may need the slightest nudge to get back on track with Enjoy Now to chase after your own fulfillment.

            But with being said, I realize that sometimes life throws too big of an obstacle in your path and you simply aren’t able to continue with the course…which is why Enjoy Now comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee AND you can cancel the course anytime, only having paid for the lessons you’ve received.

Risk-Free Guarantee

            When you start Enjoy Now, you also receive a 30-day money-back guarantee. That means that you can ask for your money back anytime within the first 30 days and you’ll receive a prompt and courteous refund with no questions asked. And if you choose to, you can cancel the course at anytime having only paid for the lessons you’ve received.

            With this guarantee, you can have peace of mind going into
Enjoy Now.

This is your chance to change yourself NOW…

Why is it that some people just seem to have that edge that propels them forward and make things happen? Do you wish you could be like them? No amount of motivational videos and cassettes can magically make you like them; it’s about mending something you didn’t know was broken- Enjoy Now exists to repair it for you.

            Privilege and luck really have nothing to do with it I’m afraid. If you disagree, can you tell me how and why so many people from very poor backgrounds with histories of child abuse that would make you weep become so very successful? What’s the difference between those that choose to be a victim of their past and those that choose to prosper regardless? Enjoy Now will tell you all about it. If there’s one thing I’m mindful of now it’s to be careful what I wish for, because it’s only a question of time before it becomes reality!

The train’s leaving. Are you coming?

            Listen, life’s too short to make yourself miserable chasing something you don’t really want. We’re going to liberate your true self and hear what they have to say. With this will follow the confidence and pride you simply can’t put a value on because it will propel you to whatever destination you choose.

            If you’re ready to better yourself and find happiness, click here to get Enjoy Now. I look forward to speaking with you again in the first lesson. Thank you for reading.


            Jim Samson, Publisher of The Midas Legacy

            P.S. Do you feel like something is missing? Or like you’re being left behind? Enjoy Now is specifically aimed to help you become whole, fulfilled, and happy.


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