Dear Fellow Skeptic,

  Harry Houdini once failed to escape from a safe - even though the safe door was unlocked! In fact, the VERY reason he stayed trapped is because all he knew about were locked doors...


I used to be guilty of the same thing. I was so convinced all the doors of opportunity were locked, I gave up even trying to open them.


If anyone told me I could bank thousands in just 24 hours, without any product of my own, without spending a penny on getting it or promoting it, I’d have called them crazy – or worse!


I could so easily have missed out, but luckily I was so SICK of my very stressful job that I just had to try something new. So I took a decision that just this once I would overcome my skeptical nature and give it a go.


Boy, am I glad I did!


The great news is you could do the same as me! And I’ll prove it to you in this letter.


So What’s The Catch?


The catch (if you want to call it that) is: like me, you have to suspend your disbelief. I certainly had to suspend mine, but I just knew I had to escape the rat-race - or go under...


So, why not just check to see if the door to financial freedom is really locked? Maybe it just needs a gentle push and it will swing open for you, just like it did for me. I’m going to explain to you right here why I believe YOU can walk through that door into a brighter, wealthier life.


But first let me say a few important things:


  I banked this money in 24 hours.

  I didn’t even do a stroke of work in those 24 hours!! 

  I did not have any product of my own in this instance.

  It did not cost me a penny on promotion.

  I did not use any of my own marketing skills (which are limited).

  It didn’t come about because I was introduced to ‘the right people’.

  It took a total of just a few hours of my time.


My name is Gillian Roberts, and I want to show you the proof of how this has changed my life financially...


I wake up each day and can hardly believe it myself - and all because I decided to suspend my disbelief and try something new. I had nothing to lose by trying. Insanity is, after all, doing the same thing day after day and expecting different results!


So. . . why not just copy me with virtually no risk and in the comfort of your own home?


Or are you going to make the same mistake Harry Houdini did – sweating it out in a locked box waiting for ‘rescue’?


It’s so simple ANYONE Can Do This

So maybe you’re thinking I have a special skill or ability – some ‘gift’ you could never have. Something that stops you from making this kind of money?


Am I right? Listen, I was well below average at school. I went to college (mainly to have fun!) but dropped out. If you come and visit me at my office, as some of my students have done, I’ll dig out those ‘certificates’ and show you (if you promise not to laugh!).


I then spent years doing a job I disliked intensely until, well, one day I just said "ENOUGH!" It was then I decided to give that door to financial freedom a push, fully expecting it to be locked tight. Friends, family, teachers, all had told me it would be locked, so I hadn’t even bothered trying before!


To be perfectly honest, I did have something ‘special’ that got me through that door.


Want to know what it is?


The WILL to LISTEN to opportunity knocking and the



I’m afraid you’re going to need this too - so if you can’t stoke-up a little fire in your belly and open your mind, forget your plans for one day breaking free!


Do not proceed any further because YOU WILL NOT SUCCEED at any kind of business venture without these qualities.


I want you to succeed by copying the exact and specific plan I’ll be explaining to you, but you can only do this if you are prepared to rediscover these qualities within you.


Still with me? Great!


The only reason this would not work exactly the same way for you, would be if you didn’t even try.


I hope you will agree that you owe it to yourself to give it a go. I have no special skills that you don’t have.


What’s that? I must have had money to start this off with? Forget it!


I Started With Nothing But Debt

Just a few years ago, all I owned was a pile of debt (maybe you are in the same position?) No matter how much extra work I put in; no matter how many promotions I got at work, there was always too much month left at the end of the money - know the feeling?


It was just like pouring water into a bucket full of holes!


I wanted a better life for myself and my family but didn’t have a clue how to get it...


The Trouble With ‘Get-Rich Quick Schemes’


So I started reading all those mailings promising the world (don’t they all?). Most of them were written by broke people trying to scam a few bucks out of other broke people. Sad but true. I even kept the whole thing secret from my family, I was so embarrassed! I mean, there’s a bit of a stigma attached to ‘how to make money’ things isn’t there?


I always thought it was suspicious how the person advertising the product didn’t actually use it himself!


I mean, if this self-proclaimed "Money Guru" was so great, why wasn’t he using his own methods? Reading between the lines and doing a bit of homework proved that many times, the person offering the product was flat-broke!


Why the hell would I want to learn about making money from someone who doesn’t have any? Beats me!


And then there were all the stupid multi-level marketing schemes offering me the ‘privilege’ of selling THEIR products and services for them to build my own ‘down-line’.


How generous of them!


But once again, this didn’t pass my ‘credibility test’ because it seemed few people sold anything to an end-user! It was just one big ‘down-line’ of hopeful, lazy people - with some poor sucker at the bottom struggling to shift a few items of stock to real buyers.


I was starting to give up...


The Pay-Off For Keeping an Open Mind


Until one day, I met a man – a very wealthy man named Jim Samson - who changed my life forever. He explained to me in private, the power of "brokering deals" (I’ll explain everything shortly) and how this was the best possible way  to make that first step to financial success with very limited resources.


That man is now practically retired and living the life I used to dream about, but that I now live myself! I haven’t looked back since.


That’s just terrific for me, but what about you?


Well, I convinced (and paid) Jim to create a video, like a step-by-step guide, that includes everything he showed me. This video contains what I believe to be…


 ...the greatest opportunity ever known for the average person, operating a few hours a week from home, with no contacts, no product, no skill, and almost no spare time or money. The business I myself am in:


Would You Like To Learn The Inside Secrets of

The World's Most Perfect Business?

Before I continue, I should mention there’s one more thing you need in order to copy my exact plan: access to the Internet (a computer in a local library/coffee shop or whatever).

Don’t get me wrong here, you don’t have to be a computer expert or anything; I’m still terrified of computers myself, but I have one and use it very easily to my great financial advantage. You can too. Enough said.

That’s quite a claim isn’t it? "The World’s Most Perfect Business". Well, I guess it’s just my opinion, but based on my own (and other people’s) experience of business, let me give you some reasons why I believe this is the case...


Your Perfect Business Checklist


1.    No Staff or premises required. If you don’t think these two things are a headache it’s because you’ve yet to experience them!


2.    Hardly any/no start-up capital required. If you’re looking for a way to make some money, it stands to reason that you don’t have a lot of spare cash in the first place right? I certainly didn’t.


3.    Operate anywhere, anytime. This makes you money 24/7. You just have to decide when and where you want to take action.


4.    Complete ‘turn-key’ operation. Once you’ve arranged everything (a few hours ‘work’ if you can call it that), the whole thing runs on auto-pilot, meaning you can keep the day job or go live your life how you want to. No, I mean it LITERALLY does work automatically; ZERO day-to-day involvement from you. Zip. Diddley-squat.


5.  You don’t need a product of your own. In fact, it’s far better if you DON’T as you’ll see! And no, I don’t mean some lame affiliate scheme (the only people who get rich are the people sitting at the top - a bit like pyramid-marketing scams).


6.  It’s completely recession-proof. I make this claim because my idea is 100% adaptable to any economic climate. Adaptability is the key to security in business.


7.  You don’t need any experience, qualifications or special marketing/writing skills. In fact, I will show you why slick and pushy sales skills are the WORST thing to use in this business. You’ll find it EASIER if you have no sales or marketing experience whatsoever!


8.    Low risk. Home businesses have a very high success rate anyway, but this one is the cream of the crop! Why? Virtually no overheads, high profit margins, promotion costs ranging from minimal to FREE and instant adaptability make this the lowest risk business I’ve ever known.


9.    No face-to-face selling. I HATE selling and I bet you do too. You never have to talk to a customer in this business! No answering phones, no sending any leaflets or letters, you don’t even have to send a product yourself!


10.   The money you make does not depend on the work you put in. It’s called ‘leverage of resources’ and it is the reason why this business is so great. So many businesses are really just another job! With this business, once you’ve set things up, you don’t have to do ANY work and the money still comes in as regular as clockwork in my experience.


11.   It’s legal, ethical, and honest. In today’s world of scam-paranoid customers this advantage is vital. You can sleep soundly at night.


12.   The profit can be embarrassingly high! Because you don’t have any of the hassles and expenses listed above.


Show me another business that offers all these benefits.


A business that allowed a person with no product, no talent, and no time to bank $40,877 in 24 hours!


Sounds incredible, doesn’t it? It sure did to me. But all that changed when I actually TRIED it – and now this is how I make a lot of my money (I’m not telling you to do something I don’t do myself).


So how do you get started in this...?

Easy! All You Have to do is Watch a DVD and Take a Few Easy Steps

On DVD, in the comfort of your own home, Jim Samson will explain to you how to become an Internet Deal Broker exactly how he explained it to me.

Don’t panic! Don’t be scared off by the technical-sounding name. I like to put a name to it because people always ask what I do – and my answer sure impresses them!

Remember, you don’t need any skills, education or experience to do this. Your friends and family will be impressed by the title, but you and I will know the truth. Don’t worry. It’ll be our little secret. Really though, ANYONE CAN DO THIS, as these customers explain...

"It has opened my eyes and broadened my business plan to develop multiple streams of income. I'm by no means a computer expert, in my Golden Years, but find your information invaluable." – Roy Hetzel, CO


" I have purchased online marketing courses which required in depth study and I still did not comprehend it. The Instant Internet Income video with Jim Samson cuts to the chase. The video was invaluable." – M. Register, FL


"Well laid out and well instructed. A product that would be helpful to both the novice and advanced computer user." – Douglas Nelson, MO


"The Instant Internet Income program is amazing.  I can tell your readers that they will be surprised at the simplicity of the program.  It allows us amateurs to understand the rudiments of the Internet." – William Johnson, CA


"Great information for the beginner. Helpful insights and hints.  Helps to get you around trouble spots which hang up first-timers and the experienced alike!" – Ruth Russo, FL


An Internet Deal Broker has one main goal: to set-up as many streams of automatic income for themselves as possible, and then to sit back, relax and enjoy life to the full.


The reason I’ve stayed so quiet about this for so long is because once I discovered it, I started making such good money on the why on earth would I want to share my secrets with everybody else? Let me explain…


Now I’m Breaking My Silence

My efforts have merely scratched the tip of the iceberg. I now realize that the pot is big enough for us all – and growing all the time!


The Internet is now such a vast market and growing daily, I know that if I share all my secrets with you, it won’t affect my operation one little long as I limit the number of places available.


So why not make some extra cash by sharing this secret with a small amount of good people?


But before I go any further, I want to dispel another myth:


At Last- The Truth About The Internet

Are you as sick and tired as I am with all the Internet hype and misinformation?


I started marketing on the Internet back in 2000 and for fifteen years now I’ve steadily made money and watched quietly while all the self-styled "gurus" ran around loudly proclaiming they could show people how to get rich on the net.


The fact is: they made money on the net selling stuff purporting to show other people how to make money on the net. Talk about a self-fulfilling prophecy!


Meanwhile, I was actually making money on the Internet and laughing at all the nonsense being churned out by the self-proclaimed experts. If what they were offering was so fantastic why weren’t they doing it themselves? (I AM, by the way!)


It all comes back to that simple question doesn’t it? Do you actually do it yourself, or do you just tell others how to do it?

A New Start - A Bigger Opportunity Than Ever Before

Because of all the cynicism in the past, a LOT of people haven’t woken up to the fact that the Internet has now come of age as the most incredible marketing tool in history. Never before has marketing been such an exact science. This opportunity is REAL, legitimate, and ready for you to grasp RIGHT NOW.


And never before has such a tool been available to the one-person, home business...for FREE.


The Internet has created a real ‘sink or swim’ situation. Those who master its secrets will profit massively. Those who don’t are simply doomed to sit on the sidelines and watch others make the real money.


By the time you’ve watched my Instant Internet Income video, I estimate you will know at least 20 times more about making a killing on the Internet than 99% of all businesses today.


To hold such a ‘Golden Key’ at a time like this could easily make you all the money you are ever likely to need!



I’ve enclosed an extract from my computer printout of an Internet deal I recently ‘brokered’ (a fancy name for ‘arranged’) at the end of this letter. Take a look.


These are customers who purchased within just 24 hours of my unleashing an Internet offer using the ‘secret formula’ that Jim will be disclosing on the video. You can see the dates and times. I have blanked-out their actual names and addresses to protect their privacy of course.


This deal banked $40,877 in 24 hours. I did not use any product of my own. I made this money by simply using the ‘secret’ methods that are disclosed in the video. 

Once You’ve Seen The Video You Could

Start Making Money in as Little as 24 Hours!

This is not some tedious, weeks-long course of study, you’ll be pleased to hear. After you’ve watched the video, you will have all the information I could possibly give you to become an Internet Deal Broker. Jim and I could have padded-it out into four videos and a workbook; charged you ten times the price and left you to it. But I want you to experience the incredible RAW POWER of this method for yourself, as fast as possible. Ideally I’d like you up and running within 24 hours of receipt, like it was for these recent customers...

"I was using the process within hours of receiving the package from you. It was easy to understand and implement." – Frank Yates, TX


"I thought the information was honest, straightforward and usable the very first day." – Joseph Moreno, CA


"The ideas Jim told me about were AMAZING...with quick results. I wish I would have found him sooner!" – Robert Johnson, NY


I’ve held nothing back. The video isn’t a tempting sample so I can sell you an even better version for much more money later! (Don’t you just hate that?) EVERYTHING you need is included in this package and I will not be contacting you again to try and sell you anything related to this amazing system. It’s self-contained, and ready for you to use to start generating a cash income.


And this isn’t just something that sounds good in theory but you can’t actually put into practice. Like I say, I know this works because all Jim is doing in this video is describing what he and I myself actually DO successfully and VERY profitably.


On the video, Jim will pour out everything he and I know about how to take advantage of the huge opportunity awaiting you. Nothing will be held back. By the time you’ve viewed the tape, you will be convinced beyond any shadow of doubt that here, finally, is the solution you have been looking for.


The video is called Instant Internet Income and it does exactly what it says it does! I know because I myself use the formula given on the video...and I KNOW first hand if you apply it, you could be in profit just hours later as I’ve proved already. Of course, this is the REAL beauty of the Internet; things happen instantaneously...


Dip Your Hands into a River Of Cash


Yes, that’s EXACTLY what the Internet is like - a river of cash. You just need to know the inside secrets in order to scoop out your share. Once you see the video, you can ‘crack the code’ and tap-in to the millions of buyers out there.


Not only that, but you get instant results too. And there are virtually NO COSTS involved! No postage, no envelopes, no letters. Truly astonishing.


The Instant Internet Income video shows you how to instantly
access the river of cash that looks for a home every second on the Internet!


As these testimonials show...


    "Instant Internet Income is a NO BS way of making money!! STOP chasing your tail America, this TRULY does!!" – Peter Dobbins, OH

    "Jim, Thank you so much for instant internet income. I can't begin to tell you how good it is. You have gotten me out of the red and into the black again! Thanks to you I can see my way out of debt. Your program is the best I have ever seen!" – Rob Gruver, CA


    "It's products like these that make you wonder why anyone works." – L. Ryan, AL


    "It definitely reveals a way out of the ratrace." – John Bennett, NY


    "This is loaded with everything you need to make big money!" – Mike Farrell, PA


    "Gives me new insight and prospective on making money on the internet…It's the way to make fast income. Your video is worth many times over the measly price I paid for. Thanks." – Curtis Tanaka


    "This product has given me a new outlook into a business that will aide me in acquiring the financial income I've always desired.  The internet has a world market waiting to be conquered. Thank you for you assistance and informational support." -DeAnna Willis, PA


    "Very informative and eye opening data- data that will make you money" – Ron Cain, NE.


Here’s a brief sample of what you can look forward to:


  Very specific and exact ways to create multiple streams of ‘auto-pilot’ income as an Internet Deal Broker!

  How to make over $800 a month on autopilot from a VERY simple concept ANYONE can use (I’ve done this myself for years now)! 

  The 2 key things customers want from the Internet but virtually no one provides!

  Why people REALLY use the Internet and how to cash in from this knowledge!

  How to make website customers an estimated 20 times as likely to buy from you!

  Why having competition is so great and how to profit by it!

  Why you don’t want or need a product of your own!

  The biggest secret of making money online unknown by 99% of Internet marketers!

  The 2 Internet businesses you can’t afford NOT to be in and how to get into them!

  Why you could already be sitting on a goldmine but don’t know it!

  How to rapidly build a loyal email customer database to make you money in your sleep!

  How to double your profits with a single email!

  How to quickly master a skill that puts you streets ahead of everyone else on the net!

  How to profit even from the people who don’t buy anything from you! This requires virtually no work to implement and could be worth thousands of dollars to you!


Now, like I said before, there’s plenty of room for more people to join me in using this Instant Internet Income blueprint. However, if I allowed everyone to get it, it may begin to hinder my ability to continue making the massive payouts I’ve gotten used to.


That’s why I’m limiting the availability of Instant Internet Income to just 5% of people who receive this invitation. And I actually can’t guarantee that it will ever become available again.


What Would You Pay to Get Your Hands on These

Inside Wealth-Creation Secrets?


Knowledge like this could easily be worth thousands upon thousands of dollars to you over just a few months. But you won’t have to pay thousands for this and you won’t even have to leave the house to reap the massive rewards.


I’m offering you this video training for just $77! No, I haven’t accidentally missed off a "1" at the beginning! The price really is just seventy-seven dollars (plus S&H).


I know that if you’re serious you won’t waste a second in securing your package because you know a good opportunity when you see one. The people who dither around and procrastinate are LEAST likely to succeed in business - FACT. So I’d like to reward your fast response. If you reserve your Instant Internet Income video within the next 72 hours I will also send you the following amazing bonuses FREE...


FREE Bonus #1: How to Make a Living from Online Auctions - value $97!

You must have heard about the thousands of people who make a good living by doing nothing but buying and selling on E-Bay without even leaving the house? Because there are far more buyers than sellers, this creates a superb opportunity for you. I recently heard about a guy making $38,000 in one month! People even sell web-site businesses - you could set these up using the principles I’ll be teaching you and sell them for a profit! But despite this great opportunity, few people know how to do it right and make consistent money. It’s like anything - you have to know all the ‘ins and outs’. This is my very latest manual that tells you exactly how to access this incredible cash generator. I offer this 100-page manual separately to customers for $97, but to you, it’s FREE.

FREE Bonus #2: Internet Deal Broker Software - value  $150!

You’ll also be presented with some VERY handy software to help you in your new Internet Deal Broker business - software I wouldn’t be without. You’ll only have to enter a few numbers to quickly calculate which Internet projects are the most profitable. As if it wasn’t simple enough already!


FREE Bonus #3: ‘Net Power’ Course- value $200!


    This home study compliments your video perfectly. Everything you need to know to have winning Internet business ideas fall into your lap.


    Those bonuses alone are worth almost 10 times the cost of the video!


"Instant Internet Income is a great product.  It is a very simple program that will get you on the way to making the income of your dreams.  Jim really goes out of his way to help you achieve your dreams.  And the bonuses that come along with the product can't be beat." -  Denise Hubbard, MI


     And to give you even more peace of mind, I’m offering you a chance to sample the goods for a full 30 days.


30-DAY, Rock-Solid, No-Catch Guarantee

    Upon receipt of your special Instant Internet Income package, take a whole 30 days to review it at your leisure. Break open the packaging, watch the video and do whatever you need to do to fully inspect this product. If, for ANY reason you are not 100% delighted, return the video in ANY condition within that time for a full no-questions-asked refund with my compliments (less S&H). You may still keep the bonus gifts with a joint value of $447.00 even if you want a refund. That’s how certain I am that you will be totally delighted with this package.


Apart from giving this away (which I nearly am doing anyway), please tell me how to be fairer. You can only win. I am the one taking the risk, not you. That’s how confident I am you’ll be amazed and instantly empowered by the Instant Internet Income video and those powerful bonuses. And to assure you of my integrity...


    "It is very heartening to know that there are people out there that sell a legitimate product and not try and rip you off. Samson has done a great job of getting the message across in the quickest and easiest way." – Dennis Ihde, WY

    "It's not very often that I order a product that I'm very pleased with. You are very honest and your video is very informative to say the least. You can get my vote any time. Thank you for teaching me what you know and being so generous with your information. Thanks ,Jim" – Derrick McBay, TX


    "Thanks for the Instant Internet Income material.  Frankly, I thought it was going to be the same old rehashed stuff...boy was I pleasantly surprised!  The real true knowledge one needs to get profitable immediately was all there. Thanks again." – William Whitfield, FL


How Many Automatic Income Streams Can YOU Handle?


Once you’ve watched the video, you’ll understand why I ask you this question. How much would even an extra $1,000 a month make to your life? – particularly if the effort involved to get it was practically nothing. I’ll show you how to do that on the Internet almost with your eyes shut!


The secrets I’ll be disclosing to you could easily make you all the money you’ll ever need because the Internet is here to stay and growing daily. You just need the "keys to the door".


I guarantee this will be an experience you will never forget; you will gain an almost UNFAIR edge over all other entrepreneurs today! It’s vital that you secure your pack, so I’m making the price extremely reasonable to give you the very best chance. It’s just a question of limited numbers now and that part is down to how fast you are.


  Remember, this is a tax-deductible expense against your first income. I’m willing to bet you will never see such a high return on investment in your entire life. And let’s not forget, the free bonuses alone are worth $447!


You’re Just Hours Away From an Instant Internet Income


I’m going to change your perception of making money in business forever when you watch this amazing video. Whether you currently have a business or not, my Instant Internet Income video will show you how to tap into the online river of cash within hours of watching and show you how to become an Internet Deal Broker - the most incredible way I’ve ever seen to make the most money in the shortest amount of time.


Reserving your business pack is easy; just click here.


Why not take control of your life right now, TODAY by taking advantage of this amazing opportunity? Join me - you won’t look back!  Now please check out that evidence I promised...


    For their privacy, the names and addresses of purchasers have been deleted. Each row on the database represents a sale. This could have been done by anyone, anywhere, using this Instant Internet Income formula.


    These are actual copies of my computer screen just 24 hours after a recent Internet project I ran using the secret I was told. I just followed instructions and banked $40,877 in that short time. This is just one of many successful projects I have run using the formula.


    I would now like to share that formula with you - to show you how to do exactly the same as me - completely at my risk. I guarantee you will never find an easier or faster income opportunity than this. Let me prove it to you. Now it’s YOUR turn!


    Click here to get Instant Internet Income today.



    Gillian Roberts


    P.S. I really DO walk my talk. Let me show you how to copy my simple plan in the comfort of your own home at no-risk whatsoever with this amazing video and powerful bonuses with a 30-day guarantee. The free E-Bay profits bonus book ALONE has enough information that could instantly create an income in your spare time! You really can’t lose. That’s how confident I am you’ll be totally delighted.
Click here to get Instant Internet Income today.



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